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Tux crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on September 22, 2005.

Share his memorial click on the image to the right:

Tux got a boutinierre to wear fur his crossing to da Bridge.

And he can wear it in his fafurite suit.

And here is a card fur sympathy that we received fur him furom Maddie.
And a badge furom furriends.>
Anofur beautifur card.
More beautifur cards

And furom Phil, Lil, Mary Kay, and Ashley this quote furom da last act of Hamlet:

"Now cracks a noble heart.
Good night Sweet Prince:
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

And they sent this card:    

From Moses, Snowey, BabyBlu,Robin Hood, and Meowmie Wavie.

From E. T. and Ginger

Link to Ben's Rainbow Bridge Page.

Link to Spock and Dragon's Memorial Page.

But let's haf a wake.

Tux would like dat. Wif fudd and drinks to go around.
Shamus brought -
AND to wash it down, Shamus also got us. . . Wildcat Nipz brew.
And fur dessert and relaxation. Furresh nipz dat Biggie provided.

And below are his activities he took part in during his short life. He truly was a protective guard of his territory - - Tux's Meowmie.

I am a purroud memfur of Tomzrule. I also am proud to be in Claw and in rememfurence to da days and nights wif my buds, I wrote the liddle poem dat falloes witch is dedicated to my fellow agents at DaAgency. Oh! Here I am as a guard:

Fur now, I'll chase mousies!!!!

To My Buds

I think about the wonderful days I've spent wif dem.

I remember all the friends I've met

And all the genuine "Meows" I've been sent.

It brightens my heart to fondly recall

The Krispy Kremes I've eaten and awards I did receive.

I remember them now, as nightime falls all the parties and festivities

And now it's my turn to return the favor by watching dose ya-ya gurls.

So I anxiously turn to my many groups,

And spend time, as well, in Claw.There I teach and take part in many guilds.

And as sunset descends and the day starts to ebb, me and da agents keep our vigil.

I take time to answer all my on-line friends.

It's always such a wonderful treat,

The pleasure I feel never changes.

For I know in my heart that though we may never meet,

Nothing can stop these e-mail exchanges. that a good thing???



Dis beez da group dat has guard duty. Check dem owt!!!!


And ofur fafurites.



Here is my award fur the Shamrock hunt sponsored by On The Prowl in 2004.

More pages wif awards and ofur actifities and stuff to falloe. Also some links to some of da afore menshunned buds.

And fur a recent actifity...cuz dey is alwaze infurestin'.. click on pifur to go an heres dem sonks. Here is my ward fur votin fur a Paddy's drinkin sonk:


Caterwaul Chronicals

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