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Hey efuryone! My name is Tyke.

Meowmie says that I am the odd one!


I donut know what she means by that but mew can see me and some of my actifities here.
Well such as they are...or watt there is of them.

So here I am at home. See? ...................
This is mwe in the BFCC/CLAW Halloween costume contest of 2003....Oh, I am a skunk.

Well in 2004 I was...........Zorro . .. . a little more dashing, huh?

And mew know what? I belong to Fat Is Fun. Here is my banner to dat. Click on da banner to visit.

I am on a snowboard fur the Winter Getaway of 2004! Geesh! I wish that backpack would stay where I put it!!!! It is supurrsed to be on da back of da snowbored...knot in fronts.

Here is my graduation pix furom Claw kittengarteen. This was when I was still a kitten. A tyke, as it were.

My award that I got for taking part in the On The Prowl Shamrock hunt.
And I got this in the Furship Enature Survival Game! I was voted group clown. Hey, do mew think they think I am funny?
Meowmie thinks I am a juvenile delinquent because of how I pick on da gurls and cause of Indy's influenza on mwe. Now do I really look like a "J. D."?

Now dis my true identity! I is bad to da bone! See!

And mew can visit da orginal bad to bone kitty Ben, just click on pifur above.

And I is also a memfur here: the furry popular . .

. . "DaAgency." Click on pifur to visit.

All of us toms who are agents get a car fur our "snooping." Kewel, huh

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