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We are Mimi and Patches.

I will speak furst! Age before beauty, mew know? Not that I don't have beauty but I am the furMeowmie to Patches, who shares this page wif me.

And from an earlier litter, I had Bootsy. He's on another page. Mew will find his link off the home page.

But my youngest was Tyke. Then I was taken in by my furefur Meowmie...the ofur home had decided to move and leave me behind. And they didn't bofur to see to it that I didn't have more kitties. Well, my new Meowmie took care of that furst thing! Nofing like mofing in to a new home and hafing surgery right away. Anymews, I am not broken now but "fixed" says Meowmie.


I don't do much but efury now and then I go to an event. Here is one I went to recently.


Ahem! Can I get a word in edgewise? I was at the mountain lodge, too. See?

I am Patches. I was also almost thrown away!!! Hmmmphh!!! No cat should efur be thrown away. But now I haf a furevur home and my job is to make Meowmie gif me skritches while she lies down to watch TV.

We bof belong to Claw, too.

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