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I am Indy.  

Thanks for visiting my site

"Indy"is short for Independence Day, the day I made Meowmie adopt me, July 4, 2001 and I was only 8 weeks old. If she hadn't taken mwe in I might haf been eaten by the neighborhood d*ggies. Meowmie fell in love mwe and so did some of the siblings here. Some didn't but that is anofur story.

She calls me her wild child. But I ask you, do I look wild?

Read my infurview.

Mew can see that I am just peacefully resting on the top of the refridgerator. And if I were so wild, would she haf taken mwe in? No. So I rest my case. I am the most actif of the ebersocats in the house but I hardly do anyfing on the puter, except sleep. Now, how wild can I be? And efen if I am...I am quicker than Meowmie's camera.

I do get in on some cyber activities and here are a couple. This is mwe in now...second place in DaAgency, or Mr.Spock's, Trivia game. I hope to get furst place soon like Bootsy has done a couple of times.

Now here is another event I was allowed to purrticipate in. It was at the cat mountain lodge. Here is my souvenir of that.

Oh, I also took part in this year's Shamrock Hunt by the On The Prowl. See my award. I likes it.

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