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Hi! My name is Bootsy.

I may haf to change sayin dat I don't get to play around too often since I guess I play more now dat my sibling Tux has crossed to da Bridge. And I've been doing dese trivia things wif offurs furom DaAgency, FIF, and ofur online clubs. Here is my most recent award:

I was menny happies wif TWO awawds. I wers purrleased caws mewsually my old sibling, Playful an da gurls bees da ebersocats an dey tinks day so smarts...butt heres...I won!

I, also an tew, got an award anofur just fur being orange. If mew are orange, mew can go dere, tew and snag mewrself an award. Juss joyn in funs an purrlay. See?

Here I am last year as a hippie

The year before, wif Pikachu at a wedwink. She is a wonderful date and I had so much fun.

I belong to Da Agency. I said dat I play deir trivia, well here is da site fur Da Agency. If mew are a tom and memfur of Tomzrule, mew can join dem. Dey haf kewel cars and get to go on sekrit missions.

And look at the car I get fur my agency work.

And I take part in Fat Is Fun activities, anofur club I belong to. It is fur *ahem* fat cats, go back and see Tux fur an example of dis. Or fur cats who want to be fat, now that is me! The link is below. Click on the banner.

I just joined anofur neat club. Here is my card and link to the Orange Tabbies Club.

Guess what? I took part in the On The Prowl hunt, too and here is the award I got:
And fur taking part in the Claw Summer Camp.